Summer 2013. Two new albums. An embarrassment of riches

I have a blog. Now I have to write things.
Summer 2013 fades into fall in some places in America. In Los Angeles, it just keeps going.
This blog is attached to a new website, designed by Cherish Alexander. I am thrilled by it. It’s guilting me into writing this. Inaugural. Blog. Thing.
Without any cynicism, hopefully skirting corniness by a whisker, this was a crazy summer.
I am trying to get to what happened.
What happened was.
I write a lot of music. I don’t release it. I throw it up on Soundcloud sometimes and tens of people listen.
And but so I’m releasing two albums. Right now.
The first is a vinyl release of a 47 minute progressive rock song that I wrote in 1975 and recorded in 2012. It is called “the Arc.”
The second is a handmade CD and download release also recorded in 2012 called “6/12” after the month and year it was recorded.
These albums were written 37 years apart, but recorded in quick succession.
I hope some of you will explore them, tell me what you think.
It’s as good as I can do, and that is pretty much whatever.

As the release dates of the albums approached I met Julia Riva the head mistress of Harry Warren Entertainment. and Red Queen Music.
Google Harry Warren.
And so but I signed a publishing deal and they are helping me get these albums heard. By some strange synchronicity.
Ruby Ray did a huge billboard In downtown San Francisco for Levis. Featured was a 19 year old me with Tomata, the singer from the Screamers. I am not boasting or whatever it is people do…running down a list of their accomplishments. I didn’t have anything to do with it other than being cute, a long time ago. It’s just weird.
Clever people put links in their blogs. So then like you could see pictures of the billboard. Isn’t going to happen.

I live and work in a recording studio called Kitten Robot. It is an absurdly cool and surreal space, and yes I’m fairly certain I’m using the word “surreal” incorrectly. Again. No link.
But I record all day. And night. I try to realize people’s sonic dreams.
This summer I recorded the Bloody Mess RocknRoll Circus with Rikk Agnew producing. Rikk and I became BFFL’s. Is that the right twitterish acronym? I have a positive phobia and horror of twitter for reasons I will never reveal. A Paul Roessler Twitter account is also definitely NOT in the offing. Offing DOES NOT seem like a word. Other than, like, killing someone.
I recorded Bellylove. Harry Cloud. Cherish Alexander. The Moon Bandits. IGAF Sequoia, Savannah Pope and Space Cream, Fleepus, Hyena Motorcade, Elephant. Some as yet secret projects. Some other cool bands more back like in Spring. WckrSpgt with Geza X and Cottontail.
I recorded some of my own songs. New ones called “What Is” and “Talisman.” Sometimes I record old songs that I wrote when I didn’t have a studio. I recorded one of those called “Someone (Long Ago Not Yet Born)”

I play live once in a while. Sometimes with Harry Cloud. Research Harry Cloud. No links.
Sometimes I go out and play the Arc. It’s more of a lecture. I talk a lot. Then play. Then talk. If I had time I would do Q & A.
I find most live shows boring and this is my way of trying to avoid that, possibly exacerbating the problem, but I don’t think so.

Mani Quinn and Rio Warner run the label Records Ad Nauseaum. They are putting out “the Arc.” Angels.
Thomas O’Neil from the Moon Bandits is putting out “6/12.” Another angel.
Julia at Red Queen. Yet another. Angel.
That was my summer. I’m forgetting things. But whatever happened, it probably happened in the studio.
I will discuss ideas rather than events at a later date in this blog.
That’s a rather odd sentence.
To close.

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