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A Life of Leisure…

October 6th, 2013

Not having a government right now, it seems like maybe a good time to write this.
Most of my friends have heard me rant about this; it is an ongoing comedy routine I do…
I walk in and start soliloquizing without prompting, as if we had been speaking already for an hour…
But see so…
Apparently in 7 years or so Nissan will have autonomous cars in showrooms.
Apparently, Google is in negotiations with a cab company for autonomous cabs.
This isn’t really a talk about technology.
This is about seeing things differently.
Perfected autonomous cars would mean:
1) No more traffic
2) Hours of commuting time used for other things than driving
3) No more accidents leading to:
a) Less need for repairs and mechanics
b) less injuries,
c) wholesale changes in car insurance. or elimination thereof. Say…you only need insurance if you insist on driving yourself…
d) Less emergency response from police, medical and fire
4) Decrease in fuel use
5) No more tickets. No more traffic court. No more DUI’s, No more traffic lawyers, judges, bailiffs, less people in jail, way less monies to local government
6) No need for taxi drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers, delivery drivers etc.

In essence, a complete restructuring of everything. A collapse of sorts as a result of a technological advance.

Um, if you don’t know about autonomous cars, and missed the first hour of my talk, which was at my house last week…
They drive themselves. You tell them where to go and then….do whatever you want till you’re there.
I want one.
Some people say: “I love to drive! I’m not letting some machine drive!”
Yeah, I’m sure you love driving to work every day and wouldn’t want to be in the back seat, making breakfast, drinking coffee and watching the morning news…
And these cars are safer. They don’t text, they react instantly, they don’t daydream, they have 360 degree vision, they stay in their lanes even when you’re smashed legless blotto.
These new technologies eliminate thousands of jobs, mostly but not all, blue collar and replace them with a handful of high skilled jobs.
That is just ONE new technology. There are a bunch of them on the way. 3D printing is just another example.
Happened to the music industry already, in a big way…
Machines doing the work for people. Jobs eliminated. Free time for people to enjoy themselves, stay in school indefinitely, pursue their stuff.
Then someone says “but…who’s going to pay for all those out of work people?” and I say: “I don’t know. But I know what Ayn Rand would say: Let em starve.”
So there’s one solution.
And you might say: “New jobs will come, they always do!”
And I say: “Yes there will always be jobs for the highly educated.
But for the rest, most of them, not really, I don’t think so. Fewer and fewer.”
So I think one of the changes in consciousness that has to happen is that some people are not going to be working, and that oughta be fine, a sign of amazing societal advances, not a sign of them being lazy parasites.
I think a lot of people will work for free and for fun. And I think a lot of goods will be free or virtually so.
All this does not bode well for the economic structure of the world as it exists today.
But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all, I don’t think. It’s a good thing, once you get your head around it. Which people seem to be resisting.
Education should be free for life. How else will you get skilled workers, practically the only workers needed?
Fruit will be picked by robots. They almost have those.
I am not making this up, and I’m not trying to foist a socialist agenda.
I’m just saying, technology is fact, it impacts society, deal with it.
Your job is going to go away.
Awesome, right?