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Josie Cotton – Pussycat Babylon

November 13th, 2010

This was a very different project from Nina Hagen’s “Personal Jesus.” Josie and I hammered this out over almost a year, going back and forth, and generally indulging our Calliopic muses…
First and foremost, I think the success of this album is a result of Josie walking through a life-changing experience and being driven to process it through songwriting. Everything seemed to follow from that. The songs would come in in various states of completion, but each with a life or death urgency. The work would start as “music as therapy” and evolve always into some sort of SOLUTION.
That’s important on it’s own, but it’s all unrealized potential until there’s a strong musicality; a sonic identity. This involved some Shackelton-like polar explorations… which for someone like me is a generally ecstatic process. In other words, lots of FUN!
In the end, listening back to this record is pretty breathtaking for me, following along with all our searching and discovering and birthing.
Honestly, it’s one of those records that if someone else had done it, and I heard it, I would have despaired…thinking “whoever did this is so much more talented than me…who do I think I’m fooling…what am I doing in this business…” Except this time that thought is followed by “Hey wait! That’s me!!!!”
Thanks Josie, and all the great musicians who contributed and made me look good!